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Sky Reflected in Pool by S i m o n . M a y s o n on Flickr.
~♥~ I am in love with this world…~♥~ by ~Ranveig Marie~ on Flickr.
325/365. Old national church on Flickr.
327/365. Nature reflection on Flickr.
327/365. Nature reflection on Flickr.Today it’s a bit special day for me… 7 years ago I started working with children and since then I’ve got through enough. Sometimes it’s really hard, but still I have more positive moments and feelings. I love my work a lot. I can only wish myself to stay friendly, caring, happy, patient, positive and be real friend to children around me.
Dockey Tarn by @Gking_photo on Flickr.
one by one by nardell on Flickr.
Sky by ►CubaGallery on Flickr.
Dawn Secrets by adrians_art on Flickr.
Border of Salt by Arnodil on Flickr.
293/365. Top of cathedral on Flickr.
Milky Way , Mt. Hehuan 合歡銀河 by Vincent_Ting on Flickr.
Three… by mau_tweety on Flickr.
My Garden Kissed By Augusts Sunrise by bigbrowneyez on Flickr.
Brighton pavilion at sunset by lomokev on Flickr.