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"Smoooooooke on the water, fire in the sky" by Don J Schulte on Flickr.
327/365. Nature reflection on Flickr.
327/365. Nature reflection on Flickr.Today it’s a bit special day for me… 7 years ago I started working with children and since then I’ve got through enough. Sometimes it’s really hard, but still I have more positive moments and feelings. I love my work a lot. I can only wish myself to stay friendly, caring, happy, patient, positive and be real friend to children around me.
Untitled by Mathijs Delva on Flickr.
Alba d’autunno by ste.it on Flickr.
Dawn Secrets by adrians_art on Flickr.
293/365. Top of cathedral on Flickr.
273/365. Yachts reflection on Flickr.
Sunny morning on Flickr.
276/365. Alcudia. Old town on Flickr.
277/365. The place to relax on Flickr.
Way to go on Flickr.
278/365. Alcudia. Details on Flickr.
Walking streets on Flickr.
YUL_5151, Explored by SnakeBill on Flickr.